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Gotta get out of Los Angeles

Gotta get Los Angeles out of me

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Knock Knock... Who's there? Erin... Erin Who?

I tend to like lame jokes, cant you tell?

well I love comedians, music, the mighty ducks, roaming around Los Angeles, going to concerts, making icons, running through the sprinklers and other acts of randomness. I'm an Information Systems Major at UC Riverside. ::Joke Time:: Why do pirates come to Riverside? Why? so they can go to school at UC RRRRRRRRRRRRR.

I have lived in Southern California all my life. I want to travel to Japan, Russia and go across Canada ::Joke Time:: The people that claimed Canada were trying to figure out a name for their land. they decided to pull letters out of a hat to spell the name of the new country. So the first guy pulls out a letter and says "C eh!", the next guy pulls out and says "N eh!", and the last guy pulls out a says "D eh!" (ok if you didnt get that one, eh = a sound. Some Canadians end their sentences with this sound).

Random stuff:
Favorite philosopher: Martin Heidegger
Favorite sing along song: Faith No More "Epic"
Favorite hockey player name: Radek Bonk
Favorite Winter Olympic sport (besides hockey): ski jumping, a must see if you get to go to a winter olympics.
Favorite C++ keyword: bool

Brushes: calixa
Where I got them

screen caps:
reno 911: pessimistchick
Reno Caps

see what music i listen to at http://www.audioscrobbler.com/user/sk8grlpk/